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Requesting An Estimate? 5 Things To Know

How do you, as a consumer evaluate a carpet cleaning estimate? Here are 5 primary factors carpet cleaning companies may consider when creating your estimate.

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Minimizing The Hazard of Floor Slipperiness

Slips and falls on slippery floors in homes as well as public spaces is a very real, every day hazard, but there are things you can do to minimize the risks.

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Cleaning Vacuum

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Vacuum Last Longer

Vacuuming helps protect your carpet and improve your air quality, but it needs your help to do its best. Here are five simple ways to keep it in top shape.

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Natural Stone Restoration

Natural Stone Refinishing Options

Did you know natural stone can be refinished to a brand new or even completely different finish? Natural stone is versatile. Here are some ways to give your existing stone a whole new look.

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